Introduction to EFUMC

Video Hello, My name is John Brantley, my wife is Wendy Williams Brantley, our children are Susanna, Luke, and Frances. Our golden retriever is named Turner, our sailboat project is the ‘turtle.’ We love to travel; we are lifelong Braves fans, and welcome you to participate in our NCAA brackets, as part of our Easter season tradition.

I was born in Metter, Georgia as the son of a United Methodist minister who showed me a deep love of the church, prayer, and making disciples. My childhood church families gave me every example of why to and not to go into the ministry, yet while on a UMW/UMM mission to Monterrey, Mexico at the Juan Wesley Seminary, I was called to return home, share the gospel, transform lives, and lead others in becoming disciple-makers for the kingdom. Through the United Methodist Church and over 30 years of service as an elder, I come to you with joy and anticipation.

My hobbies are travel, music, foodie, techie, sailing, photography, forging, and just above caddy at golf. For the past ten years I have shared my sermons online and other writings at You will find that I love to be creative. I fully appreciate great traditions and find stability in them. From that comfort, we can grow and experiment in learning new things and fresh ways.

Locally there are over 5000 people who live within 2.5 miles of the EFUMC and over 30,000 in Gilmer county. Central to our task is to make a home for as many of our neighbors to share in ministry and fellowship. I have founded two ministries particularly help that I call “Pizza with the Pastor” and “Talk on Tap” as personal avenues of reaching new people who are not part of traditional church life. Part of my calling to ministry began in a mission context, and so, I have been blessed to lead teams in Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Honduras, Moscow, and Culebra Puerto Rico. Together we will make disciples that transform the world and at home, through Jesus Christ.

Our family is spread about; Susanna is doing her post-doc research at Duke University Hospital; Luke, is a captain, and analyst in the Air Force recently, married Liz, a physicians assistant, working on her dermatology certification, and Frances, is our high school senior, has just this week decided to attend UGA to study international studies and Chinese. Wendy is my best friend and wife. She has been a leader in marketing and advertising in the Southeast, she devoted full time to care for both of her parents in our home, and now works in insurance, and will soon be starting on her master’s in history with her love of the WWII era. She is currently completing a book about her journey in the care of her parents.

I bring my passion and commitment to equip and challenge EFUMC to continue to grow and be the very best witness it can be in Gilmer county and the world. We look forward to building strong relationships and doing great work for the kingdom.

We have shared a great long-tenure of ministry with the congregation at Rock Spring.

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