Rev. Dr. John Brantley, My Sunday Sermons

JTB.070714Just Only John

John is a United Methodist pastor serving in the local church since 1985. He is married to Wendy, has three children, three dogs. He is currently pastor at Rock Spring UMC in the North Georgia Conference.

“I challenge every preaching pastor to share their sermon notes. It has been a wonderful exercise for me, a blessing to those who cannot attend and those who cannot hear.

This also, is an exercise in accountablity. It is one thing to speak your heart in the pulpit, but it becomes exponential to share it with the whole world.

Readers from around the world hear these words and not just those who show up on any give Sunday. For every time I have gone to the internet for study and resources to develop my sermons, it is only appropriate to give back to the pool of seed and fruit.

It is my prayer that all preachers, Sunday school teachers, and semenary teachers would share their notes publicaly and regularly. It will keep you honest to the text, the world, and the congregation.

Ministry Motto: “Sharing Christ…and the journey”


Updates..You may find this site by visiting as well as the longer version,

07.21.2012 I have begun to post photos from my trip to Israel last year. Please feel free to use them if you like. If you do use them commercially please let the world know where you found us, otherwise, simply enjoy.

02.13.2012 We have made a theme change and started trying to include more photos to help visual learners. Most of the pictures from Israel area are from my recent trip. It was a wonder trip that has shaped my personal Bible study and sermon formation. I hope you enjoy them..

04.03.2011  News Flash. We finally have it set up to host some audio links of these sermons and notes. I hope they are also helpful to you. They will be hosted in the main media link at myoikos, which is my primary wordpress blog site.

09.02.2008 Hey, I hope you find these helpful in your sermon preparation. Now, just because you found them online does not make them yours.  We all borrow and share best ideas and best practices. If you are publishing, profiting, or pilfering, you are required to have my written and notarized consent prior to any publishing, profiting, or pilfering. I am glad to share and hope you will do the same in fulfilling the call and task of preparing sermons that are relevant, meaningful and timely for a world searching, hungering, and longing to hear God’s call, blessings, direction and accountability.

Now I have lumped them all in here for starters, and will eventually find time to separate the prior ones by date preached, but in the mean time I will try to do better going forward.  Blessings.

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