6th Sabbath Rest – (5 x (40-1)) = 100% Proof

serene man sleeping under blanket
“The Covers are Calling” Photo on Pexels.com

Read: 2 Corinthians 11.24 (NRSV)

Paul carries the marks of faithfulness for the Gospel, in his story and through his body. Thirty-nine lashes on five occasions are his evidence of standing up for Christ under opposition. That is persecution! We hear the alarm go off on Sunday morning and see the clouds are grey and feel the warmth of the bed and the promise of more sleep calls to us. What would Paul say about our temptation to skip worship?

Gathering for worship is not about the hymns, not about the preacher nor the sermon. It is about the People of God gathering to worship God. Would we be more likely to go if it were a challenge to attend? Would more people try to get in if we sold tickets? Since we can freely come to worship, is it too easy to stay away?

Prayer: Lord, Wake me up! I want to be where your people are worshiping you. If I’m not there, you will miss me and they will too. Amen.

Sabbath Worship: Go to worship and give yourself to God. Go to worship to praise God with boldness.

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