Day 34 40 Days Strong

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Read: 1 Kings 19.8 (NRSV)

Elijah is faithful to his job as a prophet. His words get him into trouble with the people and the king for pointing out their sinfulness. He is tired, scared, and wants to hide. God sends an angel to feed Elijah to make a journey of encouragement.

We push ourselves to get our work done, meet deadlines and prepare as best we can for the days, weeks, and months ahead. Is it ever enough? God prepares us every day when we work with God. Where is God pushing you to grow? Will we go in God’s strength to meet God where he sends us? Will we stay in bed, in hiding, in our fears?

How has the past month of prayer, study, and fasting affected your relationship with God? Are you eating enough spiritual food for the journey you are called to make with God? The days and weeks of the Lenten season are not an excuse for dieting; it is a time of feasting on the manna God provides our spirits now.

Action Plan: Think about how you will spiritually prepare for Easter Sunday which a week away.

Prayer: Fill my cup Lord. Feed me till I want no more. Amen.

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