Day 30 A Forty-Year Reign

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“It’s time to experiment; Mix it up and grow.” Photo on

Read: 2 Samuel 5.4 (NRSV)

David reigned for forty years as king. How he ruled at age thirty changed by the time he was seventy. Think back about your own life, in five-year periods. How have you changed your mind and heart at different stages? Where can you see God at work? Sometimes we don’t see God’s plan until we look back over the years. Have we done something the same way for 40 years? Are you planning to have the same energy or struggles forty years from now? Can we do it differently now? Can we afford not to learn from the past and make the corrections in our spiritual growth? We have all said, “Don’t fix it, if it isn’t broken.” What if our perspective of wholeness differs from God’s? And what is comfortable and easy to us is not in line with God’s heart and word? Those who look for God find God looking back, here and ahead.

Action Plan: Shake things up in your spiritual practices. List three things you have done the same in terms of prayer or church for 40 years and make a point to do them differently this Lenten season. Look at it from God’s perspective in addition to your own.

Prayer: Create in me a clean heart, O God. Amen.

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