5th Sunday Sabbath Rest – 40 Lying in Ambush

Are you on ambush duty? (U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Marilyn Lowry.)

Read: Acts 23.21 (NRSV)

What weights do you carry in your life? Are they physical, emotional, and/or spiritual? Which of them is worth your effort to be closer with God. Do you fear what others think of you? Do you allow the perspective of others to limit what you are willing to do for God? Do not let one day go by that you do not try to walk with God in your actions, your words, and your deeds.

So many people lie in wait to attack us if we point out where there is a sin or if we express our faithfulness that is different from our own. We should work to lift others up, not to spend our hearts bringing others down. If they are not of God they will fall anyway. What does it mean to be a friend in Christ?

Country singer, Jaron Lowenstine, sings that we should pray for our enemies like the preacher said. He goes on to give examples of hateful prayers for our enemies; the prayers are all daggers and darts, but we have prayed for our enemies. Do not pray for evil, shame, blame, or ill toward others. Be the one who loves first.

Watchful Rest: If you hear gossip about someone, stop the cycle and uncover a plot that does so much harm.

Prayer: May you treat me like those I am unwilling to forgive. Amen.


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