Day 26 Get Your Fill of the Philistines

Read: Judges 13.1 (NRSV)

Israel spends many periods of years in time-out as captives, slaves, and servants to foreign people. The first lesson is we have consequences for our unfaithfulness. For forty years again, the people are given over. This time it is to the Philistines. We encourage each other to have hope. Continue asking the question that challenges our faithfulness and returns to the heart of God. How many years are you willing to work on something that brings you joy? Do not give up. How many years are we willing to trying something that continually divides, destroys, and demeans? The same effort in the same direction with the same intensity will yield the same results. Repent and turn back toward God.

Action Plan: Find someone at least 40 years younger or older and share your faith story with him or her. 1. When did you become a Christian? 2. Why you became a follower at that time in your life? 3. How have you continued to grow in faith? Share your story with them.

Prayer: Gracious God, give me wisdom beyond my years and tears to share the story that means so much to us all.

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