Day 22 Servant for God Over the Hill

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“Do you appreciate the labor that goes in harvesting, transporting, roasting, and preparing your coffee?” Photos on

Read: Joshua 14.4-7 (NRSA)

Joshua and Caleb remember how God called them in their forties to do great things, even under great scrutiny from the people of God. On Joshua’s birthday, the day they entered the Promised Land, they could share in the fruits of their long labors. Faith is working toward a goal of completeness with God. Even if we seldom grasp a glimpse of those divine moments, the goal is about finding ourselves in God and not some reward that is ours to do as we please. Faith is learning to find peace, connection, trust, and connection with God and the People of God.

Most people think of themselves as being a younger age than the real number of years they have lived. Our culture links to age and usefulness in ways that seldom honor our experiences and talents. People are working longer, retiring later, and returning from retirement more frequently. Our spiritual work continues with every breath throughout our lives. We do not retire from serving and worshiping God. God has created our purpose and usefulness that we sometimes overlook in and ourselves and others because of age or maturity. Age is not the only discriminator we see dividing and demeaning people. Gender, culture, skin color, political views, and economics are some of the measures we most quickly use to define worth. Instead, we are called to see ourselves and others as God sees us. Each of us is worth the sacrifice of the cross. What are we worth to God? Everything!

Action Plan: Buy some fair-trade coffee and enjoy a taste of justice.

Prayer: Give me strength O, God to build faith and trust, and to share these with the world each day.

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