Day 21 Forty Years for Milk and Honey

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Read: Joshua 5.5-8 (NRSV)

If only the Israelites had searched for forty years with a childlike faithfulness of Winnie-The-Pooh for the land of milk and honey their journey might have been a much shorter one. The beloved Winnie is always in search of honey. The children of God left Egypt and to claim a promise. The sign of the promise with given in the physical mark of circumcision. Just as the first generation might have had the physical signs of promise, their spirits were filled with doubt, fear, and evil. They needed a revival. They knew their promise was to be fulfilled by their children. They began to teach the subsequent generation and share the signs of covenant and promise with them.

We identify the fulfillment of important events with markers. For example, diplomas, deeds, golden watches, and tombstones are all signs of accomplishments and traditions. God calls Joshua to give the people a sign of their faithfulness through the struggles of the wilderness. Joshua commemorates the occasion by calling for a second circumcision. It is a remarkably personal sign, like circumcision, the sign of God’s covenant people was a daily reminder on a personal level of God’s promise and our call to faith.  What signs remind you of God’s promises?

Action Plan: Claim a sign, symbol, or marker that reminds you of your promise to God and God’s promise to you. Many people choose to keep a cross or some token to help remember. Keep it in your purse or pocket. Keep it by the place that you wash, eat, or sleep. That you too can be reminded God is with you and calls us to faithfulness.

Prayer: O God, help me to love you and not the signs that point to you. I am your servant and witness. Amen

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