Day 17 “Intended to Destroy”

Read: Deuteronomy 9.25 (NRSV)
God has every right to whip us into shape but God does not treat us in this way. We wouldn’t learn about God’s full nature, faith, nor the true meaning of the gift of life with God. God’s assessment and judgement of our lack of faithfulness would indicate we deserve destruction; instead God meets us in the struggle. The is the power of what we are looking to find at the cross and in the resurrection. This is our destination.

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Repent and be set free from the power of sin – Photo

The question is, will we learn from our struggles and accomplishments along the way? The movement to clean up history will certainly help us repeat our sins and failures. We can grow through our trials and tribulations no matter how small or terrible. And God’s hope is that we apply what we’ve learned to new challenges. If we erase our past, we will only see the present and miss our future.

It is acceptable to God that it takes us time to get to new places of faith and understanding, and it’s the task of experimenting, with the goal of “getting it right”, that is our path of sanctification. Therefore, rather than focus on blame, admit that we need God’s help and trust God to guide us in where we are going. Today is the best day to repent and start fresh in the grace given to us.

Action Plan: Exercise your body, take a walk, and get moving. A body at rest tends to stay at rest, move toward God.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for seeing your will above our sin. Give us the courage to face our failure, strength in our struggles, and hope in you on this day. Amen.

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