Day 16 Swollen Feet and Old Clothes?

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Walking with God –

Deuteronomy 8.4 (NRSV)  

Remarkably, this nation of God’s people was on the move, walking wherever they went. Young tender feet, Old boney toes, and even tired feet of expectant mothers, all made this journey. For all their walking, their feet did not swell. They traveled for years in the wilderness passing no stores nor marketplace to buy new clothes or shoes. Yet they arrived with the same clothes they started with when they left as slaves in Egypt.  

We learn several lessons from this miracle. God took care of their every need, and God will take of us as well. Just as God will clothe the birds and fields, remember God knows what we need. Our struggle is between needs and desires. God hears our wants, knows our needs, and is patient wherever we are.  

God promised to care for us as well. We may not have a pair of shoes that will last forty years, (although I got twenty-years out of my Allen Edmonds dress shoes.) Thankfully we are not called to wander in the wilderness, our journey is in a divided and materialistic technology-driven society. Be encouraged, God does know what we need and walking with us.

Action Plan: Open your closet and share what you do not need with those who do. Put on your walking shoes and spend a half-hour talking with God as your walk, in prayer.  

Prayer: Lord, help us see your providing in all we do and where we go. Amen. 

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