Day 12 Entering with No Reservations

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Making Reservations. Don’t miss the fun! Photo by Juany Jimenez Torres on

Read: Numbers 32.7-17 (NRSV)  

Some restaurants require reservations. One way to always avoid needing a reservation is never eat at a place that requires them. That is a drastic choice that will also require us to miss out on some special occasions and experiences. Maybe those who choose to take an easier route don’t like to wait or think the practice is not fair, or they just have a poor attitude and fell out of control. Make the reservation and enjoy the fellowship.

In our spiritual journey, neither should we avoid making time to experience spiritual growth opportunities before having tasted it. The passage from Numbers 32 recounts a time that some of the family of God were discouraging others from entering the promised land because it would involve further difficulty, inconvenience, and struggle. This leading of others away from the mission of God is like those who discourage our faithfulness in doing what is necessary to experience God’s promises and ministries. God was angry when they were discouraging the faithfulness of others then and is now with us when we become barriers to change, sticks-in-the-mud, and those who encourage others to take spiritual short-cuts thinking we have a better plan than God’s.

It is Caleb and Joshua who are the exception to God’s judgment. Unlike the majority, these two, can enter the land promised by God because they had trusted God, without reservations. When we listen to the fears and pressures of others that call us away from God, and yet we stay close to God, we find God with us, and that is the reward of the Promised Land for us.

Today is your opportunity to make certain this day is a day lived for Christ and a day filled with the Holy Spirit. Go out of your way to encourage others and when you hear someone holding someone back from growing in spirit, call them out. Remind them they are missing a visit to God’s Promised presence.

Action Plan: List the relationships, emotions, and attitudes that might be keeping us from knowing Christ’s joy. Make a reservation with a friend to share your list and listen to their feedback.  Break bread as you are able and enjoy the fellowship with the People of God and a little milk and honey!

Prayer: Today, O God, I give you my life anew. Put me to doing or lay me aside. Allow me to be with you always, no matter what you and I do today. 

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