Lent: Day 11 What Have the Children Seen Us Doing?

Read: Numbers 14.33 (NRSV)

Where did he learn to do that?

God expresses frustration over the Hebrews lack of faith in the wilderness. God pronounces a taste of their own words and actions. The punishment given by God is that none of the first generation that left Egypt would enter the Promised Land. Their children would be shepherded in the dessert to give them time and perspective to learn how to trust God in all things. God provides and calls for faithfulness.

The generation leaving Egypt complained and struggled for years and years and the children heard only the regret, fears, and problems. Who will tell them the stories of salvation? Who will teach them God’s promises? Who will show by example the life God hopes for the people?

Whenever we have children in our lives they watch carefully our actions and listen to our words. This is more true when they see our social media posts and we think we are only speaking to like minded adults.

Don’t miss out on God’s promises and don’t lead others into sin or temptation. We are more of a witness than we would like to admit in what we say and don’t say, and eat or drink. Be a witness of Christ.

Action Plan: By our actions, emotions and attitudes, what are we teaching the children of this generation about the love, power and grace of God? Take time to teach a child this week what God is calling you to make sure the next generation will remember.

Prayer: Yes, Lord, I receive your charge to keep the faith by sharing it with others. I will no longer be silent; you can count on me to be your witness. Amen.

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