Lent: 2nd Sun. Sabbath Rest – A Jubilee

Read: Leviticus 25.8 (NRSV)  

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The year of Jubilee is the year after seven sets of seven years. It is a celebration of grace and forgiveness.

Today we lift this aspect of Sabbath as we prepare for a time of Jubilee at Easter. Think of the books, tools, and serving dishes you have been meaning to return and take them back to their owner.  Even more weighted is the opportunity to forgive debts, grudges, and hurts that you have carried for years and years. 

The 50-year anniversary is golden because it is a time of grace and forgiveness. Couples who celebrate Jubilee anniversary highlight the occasion with a renewal of their wedding vows. Most this it is a celebration of insurance or persistence, instead it is a time of letting go of what is best forgotten for the sake of the relationship and reclaiming the union in Christ that keeps them strong.  

What items might you return, forget, forgive, or let go to heal a broken relationship? What grudges could you forgive that will make way for reconciliation? Try to see the opportunity that each Sabbath as a mini time of Jubilee. Do all in your power to make right the relationships that make up the community faith.  

Prayer: God, give me the courage to forgive to the degree I desire to be forgiven.  

Active Rest: Rest. Just rest with God. And ask God to heal our spirit and set us free to live in faith.  

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