Lenten Journey: 1st Sunday

Sabbath Rest – A Day Planned for God (Day 5 will be tomorrow, Take time for the Sunday interruption)

Genesis 1 (NRSV)
Are you a Day-Planner person? To what degree do you plan: Hour-at-glance, Day-at-a-glance, or a Month-at-a-glance? Maybe you are happy keeping up with what month or season with your own system. The change in routines from this pandemic year has made us all question what day of the week it is a few times. But our task now to finding ways to be more intentional with God is essential to our spiritual journey, now and all life long. God creates with purpose as seen in
the first chapter of Genesis. Let this become our practice.

Look back over the past four calls to action. Have you acted upon these? If so, Praise the Lord! If not, take this holy day and review the calls to action: What will be your holy place for prayer and study during these days of the Lenten season? Name it and claim it and tell others your plan. What has so stained your heart and mind or spirit and attitude that it speaks of the hurt rather than of Christ in you?

Wash a load of clothes or the car, or take a bath as an exercise, not in work, but as repentance and cleansing. Think hard about the daily witness you share. Is your lack of joy the message to share with the world? Are your grumpy thoughts and words and non-verbal glares speaking of the power the Holy Spirit has to heal, forgive and love?

Rest: This is a day to rest from our labor and make certain we are working on the things God calls us to be and become. Put down the book and get to it. Be ready, this week will have new challenges.
Prayer: Dear God, I give you myself today. Thank you for giving us this time together. Help me not be distracted. Show me the way you would have me go. Let my rest be in your strength. Amen.

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