Day 4 Marriage at Forty

Read: Genesis 25:19-26 (NRSV)

We have a family rule that you need be at least thirty years of age to get married. That gives time enough to finish school, begin a career and have time to develop some maturity. While married life can be very maturing process, sharing two lives as one brings new challenges in addition to the struggle and challenges of life. Most couples will not wait and instead rush the process.

Isaac was forty when he married Rebekah. Twenty year later it seemed they would not have a child. While it didn’t seem likely God knew and rewarded their patience. She was not only expecting, they would have twins. Life gives us hurdles to overcome and miles to endure that will test our faith. Rebekah’s twins struggled in the womb and throughout their lives.

Marriage is a covenant that is rewarded with the faithfulness. Just as the faith covenant we share with God, we bring our struggles and challenges to the process of growing our trust of God. When the long-game plan for marriage is a lifetime growing closer together we known the daily steps build the relationship that will weather storms and blossom in love.

The work we do with Christ is for eternity. It is a good spiritual perspective to learn from periods of time we set aside and devote to growing our spiritual relationships. These forty days are our time to focus our spiritual maturity as the priority for the rest of our lives.

Action Plan: Think back over the first half of your life? How have you changed and grown? Through what struggles have your journeyed? As you look to the future part of your life, what will you do each day to keep you spirit growing in love with God and the people God has created us to share this life? Set some goals and name ways you can build your spiritual endurance.

Prayer: God, we pray that you bless all who you have joined together in marriage with your love and strength. Help those who are married to share their faith journey with those who may be struggling in their marriages. Bless this time apart that we might be more devoted to you.

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