Romans 8.28 Created to Become Like Christ JUMC 20130310


Romans 8.28 “In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” [NIV]

What on Earth are we here for? We are created to become like Christ.

Review: We are..

  1. YOU MATTER TO GOD. Created for God’s Pleasure;
  2. GOD MEETS US IN WORSHIP. Created to worship God;
  3. CREATED FOR FELLOWSHIP. Created to belong (be in relationship with) God’s family:
  4. DISCIPLESHIP. the focus of today is that we are Created to become like Christ

Jesus Calls us to follow. That calls for action.

We can’t follow from our seats.

Get up. and move with the Spirit drives us.

At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, Spirit directs him to the wilderness (being tempted is not sin, trusting things/desires/callings not from God, are sin)

The Spirit moves him through temptation

The Spirit moves him from his private self, to his public self, to what the world’s value and image.

Jesus Draws on the power to spirit to resist temptations and begins looking for disciples.

Calling the disciples: Come Follow Me and I will make you those who capture the hearts and lives of people.

Discipleship is used in a variety of ways..

God used temptation to grow Jesus’ relationship. God does the same for us.

This season of Lent is a time to face the sin, brokenness, failures, mistakes, regrets, and all that moves us away from God..

Disciples move toward God.

Discipleship is helping each other move toward God.

Forgiveness is a power way to bring people to God.

Walking with someone in their weariness and fear is guiding across a tight rope with NOT for someone.

Listening for the talkers and Speaking out for the Shy and Hesitant… the grace for room for others to grow

Teaching, studying-reading-questioning- and testing move us to understanding and preparation for what we WILL face or help others face.

When we lead other people closer to God, we become like Christ

  • The goal is not perfection.
  •          The call is for progress.
  • The goal is not BE Jesus,
  •          The call is let Jesus’s actions be our inspiration
  • The goal is not to be Correct
  •         The call is to not mind being corrected if it brings us closer to God.

You and I are created to disciples, lead others toward God.

Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, these are some of the reasons we are here: Get to it!

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