Isaiah 44:2a “What on Earth am I Doing Here” Week 1 JUMC 20130217


“I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born.”  Isaiah 44:2a (CEV)

If someone asked you life’s big questions:

Why am I alive?  Does my life matter?  What is my purpose? What’s the point?

Some days we might sound the prophet Jeremiah who asks, “Was I born to be a disgrace?” Jer 20.18.

  • I have so many problems, disappointments, failures and sins, what difference does my life make?
  • Others will say, “My life is not so bad, I just don’t want to thing about meaning.” Life just is what it is.
  • Still others might be saying, “I love my life, just don’t take away my toys, my control, or my plans”

There are some who look for meaning and call it spiritual, but what they actually are describing is “Mystical”

Take Oprah for example, but its true of TV talk shows. Guest author after expert sit in the same chairs selling the same books that say the same thing:

“Look within yourself.” This sounds spiritual, but our purpose is always limited by our own limitations.

Another method is “Mechanical”

A self-propelled lawn mower, you look at the parts and features and you figure out what the parts are intended, but the mower does not decided what it suppose to do. It is a machine and you and I are not machines.

Still another way of answering the meaning questions is the “Me Method”

The Self-help approach. You’ve got to invent it, you’ve got to decide

Yes, you might become successful if you:

  • Follow your dreams,
  • set goal,
  • give 110%, and
  • never give up.

You might certainly become successful but that does not equate to meaning and purpose.

Purpose is far greater than your personal wealth, or fulfillment, more than your dreams because you can have great success and still feel empty and want only more.

There is the Mental Approach

Philosopher René Descartes taught,  “I think therefore I am.” The trouble that patients with Dementia and Ahlzimer’s would cease to exist repeatedly throughout the day.

And there is the “It’s Meaningless” Method

There is no purpose: Don’t bother searching.

We live in a God removed culture and its no wonder folks give up on God because we have given up on God…

Here lies the path for our journey.


Ask your creator. The answer is direct: We are made by God for God’s purpose

Prov 16.4 Lord made for God’s purpose. Not yours…

TEST: If you are living and breathing then God has a purpose for you.


Significance: Isaiah 49.4 my work seems to be for no purpose, life seems pointless.

We are made for meaning!

Significance is worth more than wealth, health, strength, etc…

We find significance through God

“I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born.”  Isaiah 44:2a (CEV)


Accidental parents and unexpected births, but all have purpose  Psalm 139.16 you saw me before I was born.

Knowing all our dumb decisions and those of others, God still loves us, dispite all Purpose will last for ever. His plans endure forever.. Psalm 33.11

WHAT DO I DO ABOUT God’s purposes NOW

Life is prep for eternity.

This life is prep for the next, that is the meaning.

We are hear to be prepared for what we are going to do from now on..

WRITE IT ON YOUR HEARTS: I was made to last forever.

The sum of your life is not the experiences of your years.

God determines our significance.

This life is our prep for understanding that significance..


  • Pre-school,
  • the warm up lap,
  • the pre-SAT,

Our Purpose now is to practice… mistakes are expected during the practice

When this tent…there will be a house that lasts forever…. 2 Cor. 5.1

  • 1.God made you to love you
  • 2.God made to last forever, meaning
  • 3.Intention: What is MY purpose

SO WHAT: Particularly, What do “I” do now before eternity

This the next five weeks will be talking about how we practice finding and understanding our meaning and purpose.

HOW: Go to the creator and ask..

Ask the inventor, read the owners manual,

Why did you make me? This is the prayer we will practice

The more you know God


Col 1.16 everything finds its purpose in God.

Life is about God. It’s not about you.

Otherwise it does not make sense.

Get to know God is to learn your purpose

“It’s not about me, it’s all about God”

It’s not about you, it’s all about God…repeat


40 days to unfold…

a spiritually significant period throughout bible

  • Noah rain,
  • moses on mt,
  • david prepares for Goliath,
  • city of Niniva 40 days to repent,
  • disciples 40 days after the resurrection.

25550 day in 70 years… is it worth 40 to be clear about your purpose


Dear God

If it were not for you I would not be alive

You have a purpose for me

I admit I’ve been focused on my plan

I commit the next 40 days to learning your purpose

Thank you for creating me

My life will last for ever

Thank you for bringing me to this place

I want to live with meaning

I want to get to know your better

I take the first step today

Teacher me what you want me to know



Resource “What on Earth am I Here for?” by Rick Warren

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