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Day 18 God Listened to Me

Read: Deuteronomy 10.10 (NRSA)

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God does hear our prayers. Sometimes it is hard to imagine or conceive of God’s omnipresence in dealing with all the intentional and random prayers, requests, petitions, and cries for help that we offer in our collective prayers. The image of post-it notes that Jim Carrey’s character pictures in the movie “Bruce Almighty” captures God’s perspective on having a personal relationship with each and all of us. What Good News: God listens to every one of us. A famous country song tells us that we can be thankful for “unanswered prayers:” as we need to be cautious not to misuse the connection. Likewise, for all God’s listening how much listening to God are we doing? How much talking are we do with God? We have faith that God knows our hearts and is always ready to guide us in our prayers. Prayer is more than shouting in the thunderstorm or begging at the bottom of the well. Prayer is a consistent conversation.

Our task is to not give up sharing all things of our life and journey with God, God’s people, and the world. As often as we breathe, we have an opportunity and reminder to pray. One of the milestones of spiritual growth is coming to the awareness and assurance that God is listening right now and will be listening in our best and worst moments. Our challenge today is to be growing as a person of prayer.

Start right now, begin a persistent sharer of praise, offering thanks in our joys and directions in our questions, hope in fears, and grace with our sin and brokenness. Take the time to truly listen; take time to talk: God does.

Action Plan: Be diligent in listening to others today. If you are talking, do more listening and less talking. If you are usually quieter, lead more of the conversation today. Model God’s active communication with one another.

Prayer: Let me be silent and listen to your word and for your presence. Amen.

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